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Virtualinfocom | Game Artist

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A game artist is an artist who creates art for one or more types of games. Strong Knowledge on Game Art, Concept Art, Visualisation, Color Balance is must. Working knowledge on game engines is a must have things. software created by us which converts a 2D drawing into a complex 3D model. Open source software to optimise memory for solution of Rendering A portal which does B2B & B2C for game developers.


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About the Company

Established in 1998, Virtualinfocom is known for many innovations in IT solution , Animation, Game Development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IOT, Blockchain solutions, Machin Learning solutions, Simulation, Mobile Applications , iPhone apps , Android Games, Mobile Gaming and ad promotion, Ad-commercials, Short films, Comics Design , Corporate Films, Animated Movies, Music Videos, Visual/Special Effects, Software Development, Digital Marketing Solution, Industrial Design , OTT Movies Tools under one roof. It all started with a dream. A dream to "Bring Art and Technology Together Successfully", in a way that would allow the world to reap the benefits of creativity armed with Information technology.
That dream shaped Virtualinfocom. India's one of the first game studio since 1998 with global office in in Dubai, Australia, India, South Africa and USA.

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