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10 BGMI locations for finding Spider-Man web shooters in Erangel

After a long wait, BGMI's 1.8 update has finally arrived, and the game includes the popular Spider-Man mode. In celebration of Spider-Man: No Way Home's release, Battlegrounds Mobile India collaborated with the Spider-Man franchise to create this mode.

Spider-Man can be experienced in the only mode available in Erangel and Livik. In order to make it easier for BGMI players to climb heights, Krafton has placed web-shooters on the maps.

1) Garage near Novoropnoye

Novoropnoye is near a compound where there is a garage. It is usually filled with Dacias or trikes. In the Spider-Man mode, players can, however, shoot webs from that garage.

2) Warehouse in Georgopool

BGMI's Erangel makes frequent use of Georgiapool crates as hot drops. In the northern warehouse, players will find web shooters if they drop into the area.

3) Staircase in School

One of the most popular places in Erangel is the main school building. You can find the web shooters near the staircase.

4) Warehouse in Quarry

There have been several changes to the map since Erangel 2.0. For example, the quarry has been completely redesigned. The warehouse can be reached on the ground level of the area, where players will find web shooters.

5) Three-storey house in Rozhok

While Rozhok is a city with many different compounds, it does not contain many houses that contain web-shooters. In any case, the web-shooters can be located on the northern hill of Rozhok, in the three-story building.

6) Stair-well in School apartments

Players can find web-shooters in the stairwell of the southwest apartment of the school apartments.

7) C-buildings in Sosnovka Military Base

As a result of the loot in them, the C-buildings in Sosnovka Military Base attract many visitors. A web-shooter is located in the northern building.

8) Tower in Water City

In BGMI, the Tower in Water City serves as an excellent spot for players who enjoy camping. Players can climb the tower and find web-shooters on the top.

9) Two-roof house in Pochinki

Dropping into Pochinki, players will find web-shooters in the first floor of a two-roof house nearby.

10) Shelter

In Shelter, Spider-Man's web-shooters are located in a couple of spots. To get the web-shooters before others, players can enter the Shelter from the northern or southern gate.

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