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If you're new to BGMI game , check out some simple advice to help you improve your gaming rapidly. A few simple suggestions may help you get started whether you're new to the game, attempting to figure it out, or just haven't played many mobile-based Battle Royale games. 1) Focus on your gameplay and improve your skills A new player who is aiming for competitive should try to focus on improving their personal gameplay which will be accomplished through daily practice. Start playing classic as well as scrims matches, play solo vs squad , follow strategies etc. will help you to grow. Besides, try new strategies i.e. to play aggressively or camping depending on the situation. Use utilities like granade or moltov in different ways. Try to prone & crouch while shooting an enemy. Play various practice matches and participate in tournaments. 2) Find yourself a perfect role BGMI is mainly played in squad mode where you play with 3 other players in a team. There every player will need to take up a specific role that will help your team to victory . There are various roles like – Assaulter, Sniper, IGL (In game leader) , Grenadier , Entry Fragger, Supporter , Rusher etc. If all four players play their roles efficiently, it helps the team to flourish and win. If you find yourself eligible for any role then try to master that rather than trying various roles, for example : if you’re good at Assaulting try to improve and make it as your main role in team rather than trying each and every role .

3) Device For BGMI device plays a crucial role in your in-game performance and improvement. If you’re a player who started the game recently or have excellent skills and great game sense, device helps you to give smooth and lag free gameplay with constant FPS ( FRAME PER SECOND ) which helps you to perform better than your competition System requirements - Android iOS


Operating system - Android 5.1.1 or above. iOS6 or newer (iPhone 6S or newer)

GPU - Adreno 306 or higher

4) Get yourself a team

If you are starting the game or are a new player , you will need a good team who will provide a proper structure and support to improve your gameplay as well as game sense. A good team where all the players have predesignated role will beat other teams with higher skilled individual players. Teamwork matters, so try to adjust your gameplay as per the need for your team rather than your own needs. If you already have a team , try to play rank matches and practice matches as much as possible . You can play tournaments also where you will take your first step towards being a competitive player.

5) Learn from experience

Experience is the best teacher. Continue learning and experiencing as much as possible. This will help you gain knowledge and improve your focus . Try learning from well known eSports players by watching YouTube videos of gameplay and ultimately try to apply that in your game as well . Play tournaments where you will get motivation to perform and make a name for yourself ! playing with a clear goal in mind will help your achieve your dreams. Lastly be patient with your hard work, play wisely and achieve it on your toes . So start your grind for Chicken Dinner now !!

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