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Apex Legends Mobile: All 10 Legends Explained

Apex Legends Mobile is finally available for Android and iOS, bringing the famous battle royale shooting game to a wider audience. While fans who have played previous battle royale games such as BGMI or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will find the shooting parts of Apex Legends to be extremely similar, the game includes so much more.

Legends are unique characters found in Apex Legends Mobile. They all have unique special skills that are divided into three categories: tactical, passive, and ultimate. These are the characters that you and other players will choose during the game. Knowing all of the Legends is vital since it influences how well you do in the match.

Not all Legends will be launched at the same time. As you advance through the game and increase your rating, you will unlock more. The Apex Legends and their skills are listed below.

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound is the first character you'll encounter in the game, even during the tutorial. The technical hunter has the tactical talent 'Eye of the Allfather.' This allows players to see opponents, traps, and other information that are concealed in plain sight.

Bloodhound also has the 'Tracker' passive ability, which allows players to observe enemy tracks, allowing them to determine their opponent's whereabouts and plan an assault appropriately. 'Beast of the Hunt,' the ultimate ability, is an anger mode that improves the player's senses, enabling them to move quicker, and highlights their target for a brief period.

2. Lifeline

Lifeline is a combat medic with medical benefits that affect both the player and their teammates. 'D.O.C. Heal Drone' is the character's tactical ability, which summons a health drone that heals all adjacent Legends.

Players can put up a tiny shield with the 'Combat Revive' passive ability. This may be used as a cover, and fallen players can be resurrected. The ultimate ability of Lifeline is 'Care Package,' which allows the player to summon a drop package with higher-tier defensive gear.

3. Octane

Octane, also known as the high-speed daredevil, is all about speed and attacking. For six seconds, the 'Stim' tactical ability lets the player to move quicker and reduce slowing effects. However, this comes at the expense of one's health.

The passive skill 'Swift Mind' allows players to progressively heal themselves when they are not in battle. 'Jump Pad' is the ultimate ability. This allows players to set up a jumping pad in the game, allowing all players to jump to tremendous heights for a tactical advantage and rapid access to higher regions.

4. Gibraltar

Gibraltar's 'Dome of Protection' tactical skill allows players to create an energy shield that stops incoming and outgoing assaults, making him a defensive character. As an added bonus, comrades recover faster within the dome.

The passive skill 'Gun Shield' allows players to summon an energy shield every time they employ ADS (aiming down the sight). This shield will ultimately shatter, but it can be re-used after some time. Players can toss a mortar strike beacon that activates an aerial strike with the 'Defensive Bombardment' ultimate ability. Anyone caught in the blast is injured, and their movement is slowed and their vision is blurred.

5. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a forward-thinking scout with Batman-like powers. The 'Grapple' tactical skill allows players to instantly anchor themselves to a high point and get there in a flash with an associated grapple rifle.

When scanned, players with the 'Insider Knowledge' passive ability can reveal the location of the next gaming Ring. The Zipline gun's cooldown is reduced with each scan. The 'Zipline Gun' ultimate ability allows players to build a zipline between any two spots, which they and their friends may utilise to swiftly reach inaccessible regions.

6. Wraith

Wraith's talents and character are both psychic. Wraith's tactical skill, 'Into the Void,' allows players to enter the Void, a sort of other reality through which they may navigate without taking damage.

The passive ability 'Voices from the Void' informs players with voices anytime they are detected, targeted, or close to traps. Wraith's ultimate power is the 'Dimensional Rift,' which allows players to create two portals and teleport between them instantly.

7. Bangalore

Bangalore is another another attacking character with special skills. These include the tactical ability 'Smoke Launcher,' which allows a player to shoot a smoke canister in the game, which bursts into a massive smoke screen that hinders eyesight.

If players receive fire, the 'Double Time' passive ability allows them to sprint quicker while running. Bangalore's ultimate ability is 'Rolling Thunder,' which lets the player to order an artillery strike on a specific spot. Exploding shells rain down from the sky, inflicting damage and blurring eyesight on all players who are caught in the crossfire.

8. Caustic

Caustic, also known as the Toxic Trapper, has the capacity to drop up to six gas canisters that discharge toxic gas when fired or activated.

Caustic can see foes through the gas generated by canisters thanks to the 'Nox Vision' passive ability. The 'Nox Gas Grenade' ultimate ability lets the user to throw a gas grenade that covers a vast area in toxic gas and slows down the afflicted players while causing damage gradually.

9. Mirage

Mirage is a trickster with special deception powers who serves as the character that teaches you the fundamental basics throughout the tutorial. The tactical ability 'Psyche Forth' throws out a holographic decoy to mislead the adversary.

When utilising respawn beacons and reviving friends, the character's 'Now You See Me' passive ability allows the player to conceal himself. The ability also releases a decoy and temporarily renders one invisible when the player is knocked down.

While the original character is hidden, the player can use the 'Life of the Party' ultimate ability to send a squad of distracting decoys that replicate your moves.

10. Fade

Fade is a new mobile-only character that is not accessible on other Apex Legends platforms. The character's 'Flashback' tactical skill lets players to use the Void to instantly travel to where they were a few seconds earlier. In the gameplay trailer below, you can see the new character.

Players with the 'Slipstream' passive ability earn a momentary speed boost at the conclusion of a slide. Finally, the 'Phase Chamber' ultimate ability allows the player to cast all Legends within range into the Void by releasing a phase cage.

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