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Apex Legends Mobile update: Arrival date and new features revealed

Apex Legends Mobile has been available in the United States for about a month. Mobile gamers can choose between ten playable characters and one battle royale map.

The battle royale game will receive its first significant update, Cold Snap, very soon, much to the delight of players. Winter-themed accessories will be added to the game as part of the 1.5 update, as well as a new Legend.

On June 15, 2022, the 1.5 Cold Snap update will be released. Mobile gamers can already update the Respawn Entertainment title, although the additional features will be available starting June 15th.

Apex Packs will be given to mobile gamers that upgrade the battle royale game until June 21, 2022. This reward can be redeemed on the Download Bonus event page.

Cold snap update features

Here are two Apex Legends Mobile update features that mobile gamers can look forward to on 15 June 2022:

Battle Pass:

The Battle Pass will be improved as a result of the input collected from gamers. The two prizes of 50 Syndicate Gold and 1 Syndicate Pack will be available to players who have already purchased the current Pass.

The Battle Pass will include a number of skins to the battle royale game, the details of which are shown below:

  • Five-Star Performance Rare Skin (Lifeline)

  • Fuel Tank Rare Skin (Caustic)

  • Leader of the Pack Epic Skin (Bloodhound)

  • Engine Coolant Epic Skin (Pathfinder)

  • Electric Breeze Rare Skin (Fade)

Players will receive 800 Syndicate Gold after completing every level of the new Battle Pass.

New Legend:

Loba is coming to Apex Legends Mobile, and players will be able to employ her passive, tactical, and ultimate powers for the first time. Players who have already experienced Apex Legends on PC/console gaming platforms are well-versed in the game's potential.

The following is a basic explanation of her abilities:

Passive Ability: Eye for Quality

Using her Jump Drive bracelet, Loba can teleport her to places that are hard to reach whenever the need to escape arises.

Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend

Using her tactical skill, she can see epic and legendary riches through walls.

Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique

A portable device that allows her to teleport adjacent loot to her inventory can be employed. This ability can be used by both teammates and enemies (up to a maximum of two items).

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