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BGMI gameplay guides
Avoid these classic BGMI mistakes

As a new player its easy to make mistakes if there there is no proper guidance. So follow these simple advice to avoid those mistakes and start your gaming journey. 1) PERSONAL SENSITIVITY PREFERENCE - This topic is a main issue where a beginner lacks. The sensitivity plays an important role in recoil , spray and gyroscope , so for a better gameplay people tend to copy sensitivity of other professional players. Copying sensitivity from others or famous players is not effective as sensitivity , gyroscope and controls differ from each and every smartphone .eg. an iPhone sensitivity can’t work properly on a android device . So try to build up your optimum sensitivity and control to reach competitive level.

2) DONT PUSH SOLO - If you want to achieve competitive level , you always need to believe in team work rather than playing alone .While playing with your whole team see to it that you work with great co-ordination and communication .Always try to listen to callouts and commands from your team mates otherwise it would be difficult for you to reach your goal.

3) DONT REPEAT YOUR MISTAKES - If you’re ending up performing bad at every single match or customs , make sure to remember the mistakes and rectify it next time. Try to improve the areas that you lack by practicing. Try to implement what you learned from your mistakes in rank matches and scrims, this will lead to a steady improvement for your gameplay.

4) USING TACTICAL THROWABLES - Utilities will always help you to escape from a critical situation and improve your game sense. Try using as much as utilities provided as using them will increase your capacity to think quickly and improvise to get out of tricky situations. You will learn to take advantages from your surroundings and turn the tide of the game in an instant.

5) SOUND AND AUDIO - Most common mistake is underestimate game sounds. Sounds play a vital role in spotting players and helps understanding their exact location. Playing the game while following the sounds will eventually lead to greater game sense. Try to use your in-game mice and communicate with your teammates till the end of the match . This creates a good Synergy with your teammates and in turn improves gameplay. These are the 5 classic mistakes that a beginner should avoid making in BMGI. Make sure to keep these in mind the next time you're grinding for that Chicken Dinner.

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