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Battlegrounds Mobile India, has a weapons arsenal with varied damage values ranging from low to high. Choosing the right weapon, whether it's the lethal Groza or the reliable M416, is crucial for survival in this game. Let's take a deeper look at the TOP 5 weapons for winning every firefight in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


The M416 assault rifle is a good choice for newcomers to BGMI. It comes with a variety of attachments as well as stocks and grips. The rifle is effective in medium to long range warfare. The long-distance kills are aided by the 6x scope. The M416 is unquestionably one of the strongest weaponry for Battlegrounds Mobile India newcomers. The weapon is known as an assault rifle, or AR, and it features some impressive recoil controls. Because it comes with a bevvy of attachments, this rifle is quite popular among Pro gamers. Stocks and grips can be added to the pistol to help manage recoil. Mid-range and mid-to-long-range engagements are best served by the M416. You may also add up to 6X Scope to your weapon, which will let you kill adversaries from afar.


Groza is a dangerous assault rifle with magazines included. The weapon deals a lot of damage and is obtained from in-game airdrop firearms. Groza is the game's most deadly AR, and it comes with just suppressors and magazines. Only in-game airdrop guns can get it, and to be honest, drop guns are always outstanding. A few well-placed rounds on the adversaries would be plenty to take them out. The majority of individuals employ this weapon due to its high damage rate and well-known power.


Another decent alternative for BGMI novices is UZI. The 9mm submachine gun is designed for one-on-one combat and utilizes 9mm ammunition. With a basic damage of 26, the gun is a solid choice for close-range killing. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the UZI might be an excellent choice for both veterans and newbies. For one-on-one fighting or panic rushes, UZI is great. It's a 9mm SMG. The UZI has a high rate of fire and good stability, making it devastating at close range. Players can also improve its stability by adding attachments to it. The weapon's basic damage is 26. The disadvantage of this weapon is that it can only be used at close range, requiring extreme precision while aiming.


With a basic damage of 47 HP and a firing rate of 0.09 seconds, this is another dangerous weapon in the crate. The gun has 47 round magazine and fires 7.62 bullets. The DP-28 is a reliable weapon in Battlegrounds Mobile India when it comes to mid-range combat. It's essentially an LMG with a lot of firepower and damage. The gun uses 7.62mm heavy ammunition and has a 47-round magazine. When you wish to blow away the enemy's vehicles or more, the gun comes in handy.

The LMG is not without flaws. There aren't many attachments to begin with. Second, the rate of fire is lower than the bulk of ARs and SMGs in the game. In addition, the rifle takes a lengthy time to reload.


Mini14, a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), is a long-range precision weapon. Because the rifle does not have a lot of recoil, it is easy to use for novices. The rifle also has a big magazine capacity. The Mini 14 is a semi-automatic DMR gun that is one of the game's greatest long-range weapons. The gun is more stable and has less recoil, making it one of the most effective long-range weapons. All AR accessories, such as compensators, suppressors, up to an 8x scope, grips, extended magazines, and more, are used on the rifle. Additionally, cheek pads can be used to improve recoil control. The 5.56mm ammunition used in the DMR does good damage up to 90 meters. Furthermore, the high fire rate will undoubtedly aid you in taking down an adversary in the open field.

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