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Best BGMI gun combos for rank push in February 2022

Many players in BGMI practice rank pushing. As soon as a new season begins, the tiers are reset. Because they have to practice for days, it becomes necessary to choose different combinations of guns that will assist them in fighting and defeating enemies as well as playing according to their preferred gameplay style.

In rank push, what are the best gun combinations for BGMI players?

1) M416 and UMP 45

Several rank pushers use the combination of UMP 45 and M416 in their climb to the top of the leaderboards. After UMP 45 recently received a buff, the gun has become lethal at close ranges. On the other hand, the M416 is the most stable gun. Together, the two guns become a deadly combination.

2) M416 and Beryl M762

Both Beryl M762 and M416 complement each other well when used together. With its 5.56mm ammo, the M416 delivers laser-like sprays, whereas the Beryl M762 with its 7.62 mm ammo delivers high damage in close range engagements. Combining these two makes the combination a useful one for rank pushes in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

3) Micro Uzi and Groza

Micro Uzis can be found across the vicinities in classic mode maps, but Grozas are exclusive airdrop weapons. Both guns have a high fire rate and a big damage dealing capacity, which makes them very effective against rank pushers. If you prefer to fight up close, this gun combination is perfect for you.

4) MG3 and AWM

AWM and MG3 are both found only in airdrops within BGMI classic matches. The MG3 is known for its destructiveness, especially at close range, but the AWM complements the gun well as it is the game's most lethal weapon. You can choose between two different firing modes for the MG3 - 660 or 990 RPM. With a single headshot, AWM can knock down any enemy using Magnum 300 ammo.

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