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1) Don't go for the default settings : In BGMI, or any other FPS Game Sensitivity matters the most. Players can choose between low, medium, or high. For several players, these default set ups work. However, customization can give greater control over the game and will take your gameplay to the next level.

2) Tweak with the ADS sensitivity :

Aim Down Sight (ADS) is vital for keeping vertical recoil under control. It also influences camera sensitivity and aids the player in dragging the gun barrel down. Tweaking the ADS settings can go a long way in aiming quickly and accurately. Ideally, for TPP and FPP without scope, the range should be between 95% to 120%. Red Dot and Aim Assist should be set between 55% to 60%. Again, try different settings for yourself and see which one suits your need.

3) Tweak the camera and scope sensitivity :

Camera sensitivity influences the speed at which a player looks around. This helps a player turn around and shoot quickly. Players can adjust this as per their preferences. For scope sensitivity, note that as the scope level increases, sensitivity should be reduced. This is because scopes like 6x and 8x do not need rapid movements.

4) Get the right attachments : The main goal is to reduce the weapon recoil for an accurate aim. The attachments go a long way in stabilizing a weapon. Muzzles and foregrips can significantly reduce recoil. Other than this, making the crosshair darker and adjusting its position, setting up a comfortable layout will help boost accuracy.

5) Practice : It takes a while to get used to the new sensitivity settings. Also, getting those adjustments right will also take a few hits and misses. The best way to find out what works and what doesn't is to practice. Players can try out a few matches or go to training mode.

At the end of the day , you need to experiment with your sensitivity controls to get your personalized controls. So lets start grinding !

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