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The AKM is an Assault Rifle that fires 7.62 mm ammunition and can be found almost anywhere on the map. but AKM is one of the best assault rifles in BGMI. it can be the deadliest weapon in close range. Competitive players prefer AKM because of the high damage which is dealt to the enemy. SOME FACTS ABOUT AKM

1) The AKM will deal maximum damage within 50 meters, beyond that distance damage will continually decrease out to 290 meters.

2) One thing that players should keep in mind is that it is a good gun for close-range fights, but not ideal for long-range fights. Scopes like the 3x or the 4x make it harder to control the gun.

3) Using extended quick draw mag -The extended quick draw mag comes with extra 10 bullets for the gun, which can make a lot of difference.

4) Many competitive players like SouLRegaltos, Jonathan , Scout, Mavi etc use AKM in close range to wipe any squad easily.


The best attachments for AKM are below :

Muzzle AKM can use any muzzle out of compensator, flash hider & suppressor. Nowadays some players use suppressors as they think it gives more damage to enemy. The best choice out of the three would be the compensator due to its ability to control horizontal and vertical recoil. Recoil is the action of the weapon springing back when you shot at the adversary. It is further separated into Horizontal and Vertical recoil, and AKM in BGMI appears to have a significant horizontal and vertical recoil. As a result, players have a difficult time controlling the weapon's recoil.

Magazine ( MAG) There are a total of 4 magazines in BGMI – Quickdraw Mag, Extended Mag, Extended Quickdraw Mag and Mini Drum Mag. it is safe to say that Extended quickdraw is the safest choice followed by Mini Drum mag. with Extended Quickdraw Mag you will get 40 Bullets in a magazine with a very fast reload speed , while the Drum mag holds 50 bullets in a magazine eliminating the need to reload in most of the situations. It is worthy of mention that the Drum Mag is currently only available in the Flora Menace Mode. Scope With AKM you can take the enemies down in the blink of an eye with a headshot. AKM can use red dot , holo , 2x, 3x, 4x, and up to 6x scopes. Red dot is definitely the best choice since your main goal of AKM should be finishing the enemies who are close faster rather than taking a fight with enemies faraway.

Despite its enormous damage potential, several players avoid using this weapon because of its significant recoil. AKM using red dot , compensator and extended quick draw helps to manage the high recoil. Also AKM needs practice to manage its spray at the range of 200-400 meters.

As previously said, the AKM may be a highly helpful weapon in close combat, and if utilized correctly, it can even wipe out an entire squad. Scopes can assist you obtain a better image of a long-range target, but using 3x, 4x, or other scopes on this weapon will have little effect because defeating a long-range enemy with AKM needs considerable expertise. The red dot sight, which is by far the best scope for AKM, can be used for this.

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