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One of the most popular games in India is Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). This battle royale game is a spin-off of the popular PUBG worldwide. When the government banned PUBG and other Chinese applications for security concerns, this was created just for Indians. And since its release, BGMI has been India's most downloaded game. Now, BGMI is releasing a new update for its gamers, version 1.7.

BGMI always receives updates on the same day as PUBG Mobile does. The programmers always run a test beta server before releasing the final version to resolve bugs and difficulties. PUBG Mobile, as usual, has already published the beta version of the 1.7 updates, and BGMI will be receiving a 1.7 update shortly.

Here’s the release date of the new version as well as some of the exciting features that BGMI may have in the future.


The BGMI 1.7 patch update will be issued on November 19, 2021, according to the developers. The upgrade will include a connection with the video game "League of Legends," as well as other enhancements. A new gaming option named "Mirror World mode" will be available on Erangel's Classic Battle Royale battlefield.


1. Firearm re-balancing

Rebalanced Marksman Rifles: Long-distance damage has been significantly reduced, bullet speed has been increased, and reloading time has also been increased.

VSS: Increased the weapon’s damage substantially.

SKS: Faster bullet speed and somewhat faster recovery time.

SLR (Specialized Marksman Rifles): It now has a faster bullet recovery time and a faster bullet speed.

Mini14: Long-distance damage has been reduced.

Nerfed DP-28: Bullet speed, as well as long-range and headshot damage, have been reduced.

2. 7.6mm bullet weight reduction

The weight/size of the 7.62mm bullet backpack has been reduced to boost carrying capacity. The weight of a single round has been lowered from 0.7 to 0.6.

3. Mirror World Gameplay

Aspects of the Mirror Mode gameplay can already be seen in the 1.7 beta release as part of the collaboration. Mirror Castles appear in mid-air during the Mirror Mode gameplay. The texturing of the Mirror Castles is poor (probably because of the beta version).

League of Legends characters will also appear in these Mirror Castles. Players will take on the role of one of the characters and use unique abilities to battle against the enemy.

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