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BGMI 2.0 Patch Details are here with a new map, football mini game and more

BGMI, also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India, has gotten multiple upgrades since its inception last year, offering several new features to the game.

Indian gamers have been clamouring for additional information about the current edition of the region-specific rendition of the game since the 2.0 update was released.

The creators have recently uploaded a patch notes video to the game's YouTube page. They talked about all of the new features that would be included in the game. Here's a quick rundown of the situation.

BGMI 2.0 update patch notes

1) Livik Official Launch

Following the release of the 2.0 upgrade, Krafton will formally unveil the Livik map. The current terrains and items have been fundamentally redesigned and upgraded. Here are the rest of the changes that will be made:

UTV (Universal Terrain Vehicle)

A new all-terrain vehicle, the UTV, will be added to make traversing the map's diverse terrains simpler for users. It will be a four-seater vehicle that can accommodate the full squad.

Weapons XT

Players may upgrade their weapons to the more powerful XT models by finding XT Upgrade Crates scattered around the battlefield. They'll be sold at supply stores as well.

Interactable Zones

Following the introduction of the BGMI 2.0 upgrade, the map will have a variety of interactive elements:

  1. Football Zone: A football pitch has been added to the map, and players can score goals for shop tokens by scoring goals.

  2. Herbs: Herbs will be found across the map, and users can consume them to restore their health.

  3. Firearms Depot: These will appear in Livik and will be blocked by boulders. People will be able to break through and obtain a variety of items. 4) Ziplines: Ziplines will be included on the mini-map, and their locations will be visible. They will assist gamers in rotating through the various zones.

Special Airdrop

Dropped creations will be highlighted on the mini-map, and users will be able to collect various objects by interacting with them. However, players must be cautious since adversaries will be able to see the same marks and may congregate near the drop.

Tower of Recall

Recall Towers will be scattered across Livik, allowing players to resurrect their fallen friends. This will be really useful and may alter the entire gameplay.

2) Cheer Park – Football Minigame

A Football Minigame will be included in the Cheer Park, in addition to the Football Zone on the Livik map. To score, players must kick the ball into the goalpost. They'll be able to share it with their pals and have a great time.

3) Metro Royale – New M63 weapon

The M63 is a new firearm that will be included in the Metro Royale mode. Weapons are an important part of the game. After the BGMI 2.0 upgrade is available, users will be able to try it out.

4) Classic Update

Pickup on Demand

Emergency Pickup will be accessible in Erangel and Miramar, and this will be a very useful service. Players will be able to summon an aeroplane and parachute down to the needed place using it.

Rebalancing the Shotgun

Developers will boost the likelihood of damage from shotgun fire with the update, essentially reinforcing the long-distance damage. The S12magazine K's will be expanded, and the S1897's firing rate will be improved. The Sawed-Off shotgun's base damage has also been upgraded.

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