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After-game points are earned after every match mode offered, excluding Training and Custom matches, and are used to level up. However, here are some helpful hints for fast raising your game level. These levels are not determined by the player's abilities; rather, they reflect how engaged the player is in the game and how much time he or she has invested. You may increase your level by following a few simple procedures, but you must be consistent. We'll look at the top 5 tips and methods that every BGMI player should know in order to level up rapidly in the game.


1. Complete Your Progress Missions

If you want to swiftly raise your level, the first thing you need do is verify whether or not you have completed your progress objective. This is crucial since many players overlook this area, which they should not. The most basic prerequisite for levelling up quicker in BGMI is to complete progress tasks. The tasks that are presented on the progress missions are really basic. As a result, you should keep a watch on this part of BGMI to avoid missing any tasks.

2. Play More Classic Matches

Classic Matches are the way to play if you want to level up quickly in BGMI, even if Arena and Arcade modes are fun. Classic matchups provide you more EXP than other match types. In addition, the number of experience points you get in each match rises as you play longer. Play maps like Erangel or Miramar to make the match last longer.

3. Complete Daily Missions

Remember to complete your daily missions! Daily tasks are offered by BGMI and are rather easy to accomplish. They are a wonderful method to quickly get XP and level up. The activities include simple things like login into the game, playing a few matches, and picking up goods in Classic Mode. If you don't like the duties you've been assigned, you can re-roll them. The benefits, on the other hand, will stay the same.

4. Survive Longer in the Game

Your EXP gain increases with the length of time you survive, as previously indicated. The longer you play a match, the more EXP you get. So don't spend your time with pointless battles or complicated methods. Instead, look for a safer landing zone, stock up on Med Kits and Bandages, and try to stay alive as long as possible to get that fantastic EXP. Healing will also give you more experience, which is a tiny benefit that can help you level up faster in BGMI. Landing on hot drops with a bunch of aggressive players is not a good idea. Players should camp throughout the game to survive for a longer amount of time, and rushing is OK as long as you end them on a favourable note. Finally, having a full bag in your loadout helps you gain XP in the match.

5. Make Use of EXP Cards

Although this may appear to be a gimmick, it works! Completing Royale Pass objectives or engaging in other game events will earn you EXP cards for free. You may acquire one from the shop for 10 UC each if you're in a hurry. EXP cards will raise the amount of EXP you get by 100 percent for one hour. Combine them with the other four suggestions for a breeze levelling up in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India).

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