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BGMI Complete event guide: how to earn the new Shreeman Legend voice pack

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

In the Battle Royale mode of BGMI, communication is vital. Krafton has released voice packs of numerous popular athletes and streamers with audio messages in both Hindi and English to boost players' game experience.

The voice packs of Jonathan, Kaztro, and Snax were added to the game with the 1.8 version, while Payal, Ghatak, and Dynamo's audio packs were included in the 1.9 release. Mavi's voice packs were first added in the 2.0 release. Following them, the Shreeman Legend voice packs were introduced to the game.

The debut of Shreeman Legend's voice packs has created a buzz in the community because he has millions of followers across tahe country.

New 'Shreeman Legend is here' event in BGMI:

On Battlegrounds Mobile India, the 'Shreeman Legend is Here' event is active and will run through June 17 (UTC + 0).

To obtain the stated benefits mentioned in the event, players must spend a set number of UC. The different rewards offered in the most recent event will only add to the inventory of the players.

The following are the benefits for participating in the 'Shreeman Legend is Here' event:

Bike Popularity: After spending a minimum of 60 UC on purchases, BGMI users will receive a Bike Popularity token.

Supply Crate Coupon: It will be available during the event. When players spend 120 UC in the game, they will receive the coupon.

Month 11 Royale Pass Mission Card: Players can also get their hands on a Month 11 Hidden Hunters RP Mission Card during the event. To obtain the item, they must spend 180 UC. All users who haven't yet maxed out their RP will profit from this.

Classic Crate Coupon: To receive a Classic Crate Coupon from the event, users must spend 250 UC.

Shreeman Legend's event voice pack: Shreeman Legend's event voice pack is the most valued item in the event. Five audio messages from the streamer in Hindi and Marathi are included in the package. To obtain the voice bundle, players must spend 300 UC.

Unlike voice packs from other well-known pro players and streamers, Shreeman Legend's vernacular language voice pack has a set fee. Players will no longer have to rely on chance to receive and use audio messages from their favourite celebrities.

How can BGMI players get their hands on Shreeman Legend's basic voice pack?

The basic voice pack for Shreeman Legend may be found in the second column in the Treasures area of the in-game shop. The voice pack of the celebrity may be purchased for 250 UC. They must, however, remember to get the basic voice pack as soon as possible, as it will only be available in BGMI until July 17.

The basic version of the voice pack includes English audio messages from Shreeman Legend, while the event edition includes audio files in Hindi and Marathi. It's the first time in the game's history that both varieties have debuted at the same time.

Shreeman Legend's voice packs are already selling like hot pancakes because he is one of the most popular Battlegrounds Mobile India streams in the country, with millions of fans.

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