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Table of contents 1. Arctic Warfare Magnum or AWM

2. The “Beast” M24

3. Mosin Nagant

4. Kar98K

5. Win94

In battle royale settings, this list of strong sniper rifles used by players in BGMI is a game-changer. The strength of a sniper rifle is that it can finish an opponent with just one or two rounds. To finish an adversary, a player does not need to fire a full round of shots at him. There is no way to regulate the recoil. The most fundamental advice is to keep an eye on the adversary, the crosshair, and shoot with the quickest muscle memory. The Bolt Action Sniper Rifles available in Battleground Mobile India or PUBG Mobile are the Kar98K, M24, AWM, Win94, and Mosin Nagant. All of the firearms described are incredible, but their popularity varies, thus here is a ranking of the finest to worst sniper rifles. This list will help you in your selection of the top Sniper Rifles in BGMI.


The Arctic Warfare Magnum, more commonly known as AWM, is the greatest gun in BGMI. This gun is the monarch of all assault rifles, SMGs, and Bolt Action Rifles, having the greatest damage rate. This is the only gun in BGMI that deals 105 damage, which is a significant amount of damage. This rifle may also do 80-90 percent damage to a Level 3 helmet. As a result, this weapon is a beast that deserves to be at the top of the list.

It's a one-of-a-kind weapon. It's only available via airdrops. The.300 magnum ammunition necessary for the AWM rifle may also be gotten from the same drop. When utilizing ammunition for the AWM rifle, extreme caution is required. The drops yield a relatively small number of people. When utilizing the AWM sniper, players should avoid wasting shots like they would with an assault rifle or SMG.

2. The “BEAST” M24

The M24 is another favored weapon among sniper gamers. M24 inflicts 76 damage. 7.62 mm ammunition is used in this gun. Both of them may be located on the map in any location.

The rationale for placing this gun in second place is that it deals less damage than AWM. Furthermore, this is not an uncommon weapon. It may be discovered in any loot or housing location. To obtain this rifle, you must search for a significant amount of stuff. However, it can be found everywhere on the map, making it an excellent sniper rifle. In old maps, many players prefer this pistol to the Kar98K rifle. It is also well-liked in the TDM community.


Mosin Nagant is the most recent gun in BGMI, with a damage rate of 79. This pistol fires at a pace of 1.9 seconds. It's a formidable weapon that looks a lot like the Kar98K. The metrics are the reason it is put above Kar98k's position. Aside from a scope, this rifle does not require any further accessories, which is a plus.

4. KAR98K

The rationale for this gun's placement in the fourth position is that it deals 75 damage to foes. As a result, a Kar98K fires two shots to knock down an adversary wearing a Level 3 helmet from afar. This popular gun requires 7.62 mm ammunition. Both the gun and the ammo may be found in the classic maps and arcade mode. It isn't a weapon obtained through airdrops. Although, due to the fact that practically every player has kept it on the drop, many campers favor this pistol. As a result, a fierce battle for AWM near the drop is to be expected. As a result, obtaining this aggressive sniper rifle makes many players happy and content.

5. WIN94

Win94 is a gun that has less damage rate and can be found only in Miramar, Sanhok, and Karakin. This is placed in the 5th position on the list. It is not found in the most popular map, Erangel. The base damage rate of Win94 is 66 and the base fire rate is as low as 0.6s. One thing that players love in it is that this gun comes with a scope that already fits in it. Therefore, a player has to just find a Bullet Stock. He can then adjust the scope, accordingly. It uses 0.45 ACP and this ammo is the most common ammo that can be found anywhere on the map.

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