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Krafton, the creator of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), has said that it has permanently or temporarily banned 25 lakh users during a 40-day period. The change is intended to eliminate cheating and cheaters from BGMI, according to the South Korean developer. In addition to describing the procedures used to eliminate cheaters, Krafton claims to have eliminated the majority of cheaters from the game. In October, the business blocked 88,000 accounts, and in September, it banned 140,000 accounts in a week.

Krafton says that it has banned 25,19,692 accounts permanently and 7,06,319 accounts temporarily between October 1 and November 10. “Krafton is constantly taking major efforts to eradicate cheating and cheaters on BGMI. In line with its efforts, Krafton now has cleaned out most of the cheaters in the game, making BGMI a much more fun experience, and will continue to take whatever steps are necessary to keep BGMI fair and fun,” the developer said in a statement.

Krafton has also detailed the tactics it took to eliminate cheaters from BGMI, including a cheat detection and banning feature that allowed the system to track cheaters in real time, thereby assisting the South Korean developer in banning players who utilised illegal techniques. It also implemented "Permabans" to permanently bar cheats, "removing any prospect of a second chance."

According to Krafton, it also does manual verification and bans accounts that utilise or promote unlawful programmes among high-ranking executives. "The team is monitoring such accounts in real time and permanently banning them if any illicit programme is discovered," the statement read. There is also real-time monitoring of YouTube for any channels that advocate unlawful programming, with channels that support illegal programming being blocked instantly.

This isn't the first time the game's developer has eliminated gamers. BGMI previously revealed in October that it had permanently banned roughly 88,000 accounts in a week as part of its continuous effort to eliminate unlawful applications that result in game hacking. In September, developer Krafton said that it has banned over 140,000 accounts in less than a week.

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