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BGMI Hidden Hunter Royale Pass adds a number of new benefits

Hidden Hunters Royale Pass has been revealed for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players holding the new Royale Pass may earn a variety of goodies. In addition, the pass will be valid until 5:30 a.m. on June 17, 2022.

The Hidden Hunters Royale Pass comes in two flavours: the Basic Elite Pass and the Superior Elite Pass, which cost 360 UC and 960 UC, respectively. Players can purchase the variation of their choice from the RP section.

Players will find a plethora of fascinating prizes in the new RP, several of which are even free.

Hidden Hunters Royale Pass: Rewards

RP Rank 1:

Ultimate Trendsetter Set together with Electrotech Scar-L

RP Rank 5:

Ultimate Trendsetter Mask together with Ultimate Trendsetter Cover

RP Rank 10:

Ultimate Trendsetter Helmet RP Rank 15: RP Avatar (M11), Lunar Spear Ornament, along with rare Rising Uppercut Emote (available in the free RP tab)

RP Rank 20:

Sinisflame Molotov Cocktail together with Foxy Twins Parachute (also available in the free RP tab)

RP Rank 23:

Armed Raider Cover (available in the free RP tab) RP Rank 25: Armed Raider Set (available in the free RP tab)

RP Rank 30:

Blockade Ahead Emote along with Crimson Emblem Plane Finish RP Rank 35: Fruit Feast Uzi (available in the free RP tab)

RP Rank 40:

Biotech M16A4

RP Rank 50:

Optional choice between Purity Defender Set, Purity Defender Cover and Elegant Finesse Set, Elegant Finesse Cover

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