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Krafton, the parent company of Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI, has now banned over 50,000 accounts as part of its ongoing fight against unlawful behaviours that harm the gaming environment and the battle royale game. Krafton, a South Korean company, has now banned 48,543 accounts on BGMI for participating in illicit activities from January 10 to January 16.

"From January 10 to January 16, 48,847 accounts in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA were permanently banned. We'd also want to show you the whole list of cheats who have attempted to destabilise our Battlegrounds. In order to offer you with a pleasant gaming environment, BGMI will attempt to enforce tough punishments with the ultimate objective of eliminating the usage of unlawful applications. Greetings, KRAFTON, "Krafton, BGMI parent, writes.

Krafton Inc., located in South Korea, has been taking severe efforts to combat unlawful activities, and between December 13 and December 19, it has terminated about 1 lakh accounts for cheating.

Krafton had previously stated that it would enact even stronger restrictions, and that game developers would henceforth ban the device directly, rather than simply the linked account, if it was discovered to be implicated in cheating or hacking in the popular battle royale game.

The gadget prohibition went into effect on December 24. If the newly implemented security logic detects the usage of unlawful apps on a mobile device, the device would be permanently barred from utilising the BGMI battle royale game, according to BGMI developer Krafton. As a result, BGMI company Krafton plans to take action against gamers who use unauthorised software to play the battle royale game on the same device. Players who are detected cheating will be banned from the game and will not be allowed to cheat again until they purchase a new device.

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