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For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Krafton is launching a Christmas-themed event. As part of the update, a new mode called 'React Survival' is added, based on Netflix's Squid Game, as well as 6 other modes such as 'Metro Royale.'

Participants in the React Survival mode will wear blue, numbered tracksuits and take part in the deadly game of Red Light, Green Light. The player who reaches the finish line without being detected by the giant rabbit (Easter bunny) wins the match.

Because of the lack of announcements for other game modes inspired by Squid Game, the match will last for three rounds. In this mode, players can enrol in a private lobby to play with friends or create custom lobbies for themselves.

As part of the 1.8 updates, players will also be able to play some classic game modes such as 'Metro Royale Mode,' which allows them to collect gear before the game begins. Several zombie modes will also return, including 'Survive Till Dawn' and 'Virus Infection'. While in the Heavy Machine Gun 2.0 mode you can choose one out of three rune fragments before matches, giving you additional summoning abilities, there is also a Rune Theme mode where you choose 1 out of 3 rune fragments.

There will also be changes in the battle pass system, as the RPM6 featuring the Mythic Winter theme will be added. Players will have enough time to collect their Christmas-themed rewards and cosmetics after purchasing the festive pass, priced at 360UC (about Rs 380).

Following PUBG: New State's recent patch, this news comes as no surprise. With its Survivor Pass Vol 2, it has added a new storyline, a new weapon and customization options, as well as two new vehicles to fit its futuristic theme.

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