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There is no doubt that Indian PUBG Mobile Lite fans are storming the internet in support of a BGMI Lite release in India. Although it is not known yet whether the game will be available to play or not, people are still curious. The release date of BGMI Lite has already been leaked by various data miners. Ghatak, one of the professional BGMI players, revealed in a recent interview with Sportskeeda that the game might be out by January 2022. As a result of all the comments made by popular and well-known influencers and data miners, this article contemplates the release date of BGMI Lite, some of its features as well as some leaks.


There has been nothing official from the creators regarding the release date or features of PUBG Mobile Lite despite the Twitter storm of #bringbackPUBGMobileLite and #WewantBGMILite. As it is the lighter variant of BGMI, players can expect PUBG Mobile Lite to be very similar to the game. The game can therefore be played at significantly lower graphics settings for low-end devices. You will not be able to choose from a wide selection of Battle Royale maps, and probably won't have as many Arcade modes to choose from. BGMI will still offer the same number of weapons (arsenal). The Lite variant will be designed to utilize as little memory as possible so that multiple event modes are unlikely in Classic matches. Consequently, players might not get many different game modes. In fact, BGMI Lite will also have a Royale Pass similar to the Winner Pass for PUBG Mobile Lite and will be significantly less costly than BGMI's original version. Regarding other details, there are not that many revelations or leaks. In other words, readers must also keep in mind that all the above-discussed features are purely hypothetical.


Players can expect that BGMI Lite might release by January 2022, although there hasn't been any official word regarding the release date. According to Sportskeeda, Ghatak responded to Sportskeeda's exclusive interview, where he said: "Players can look forward to hearing good news about the release of BGMI Lite in the near future." The developers have not given any indication as to when the release will occur as we are already in the middle of December. In November, the developers posted a poll to their Discord community asking players why they need BGMI Lite. It might be the best news that BGMI Lite fans can hear. Therefore, it may end up that BGMI Lite is available by January 2022.

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