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Players in Battlegrounds Mobile India are reminded to complete data transfers from PUBG Mobile before the deadline. Players have until December to import their PUBG Mobile data, after which they would lose all of their data from the global edition. If gamers require assistance, Krafton has posted a how-to on its website that explains what may and cannot be moved.

“In order to ensure a more smooth gameplay for players who had used PUBG Mobile Normdic Map: Livik ("Prior App") before, Battlegrounds Mobile India ("New App") will transfer some of the data from the Prior App account to the New App,” said Krafton in a statement.

Players' progress in the game will be lost if data transfers from PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik are not completed by December 31. Players must bear in mind that only Facebook accounts may be utilised on Android phones while transferring data. The game does not accept transfers via Google Play Games account since it was published earlier this year. Android users have at least one option for data transfers, however iOS users may have to rely on Twitter.

To transfer your data, install BGMI on your Android or iPhone and follow the setup instructions until you've created a character. When you've finished creating the character, a pop-up will show on the screen asking if you'd want to start the data transfer. By selecting "Yes," you will be sent to a new prompt that will inquire about the account to be imported. Select the account you used to sync your PUBG Mobile data earlier. This might be Facebook or Twitter, thus data transfer will not function unless you have data saved on either network.

Keep in mind that for account connection, Krafton recently made it obligatory for Android customers to have the Facebook app installed on their phone. This rule will also apply to data transmissions. Web logins will work for Twitter. Continue the procedure by touching "Agree" after selecting the data transmission platform. You will be contacted once the transfer is complete.

If you're not sure what you can and can't import, check out Krafton's rules, which you may get by clicking on the link in the pop-up message or visiting to the company's website.


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India has reminded players to complete PUBG Mobile data import before December 31.

  • Only Facebook and Twitter accounts will be supported for data transfer.

  • Players will need to have the Facebook app installed on Android phone for transfer.

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