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Image credit : Krafton

A new cooperation between Battlegrounds Mobile India and Spider-Man: No Way Home has been teased. However, developer Krafton has not stated when the cooperation would begin or what benefits users will receive as a result of it. On December 16, Spider-Man: No Way Home was released in theatres, with Tom Holland reprising his role as the title character for the third time. Battlegrounds Mobile India's most recent cooperation was with Riot Games' Arcane series, which is based on League of Legends, and was introduced with the BGMI version 1.7.

Krafton, the Battlegrounds Mobile India developer, announced that it will soon be collaborating with Spider-Man: No Way Home in an Instagram post (review). The text of the article reads: "Keep an eye out! The Battlegrounds are about to get a lot bigger!" Krafton has not revealed what the Spider-Man movie crossover will include, but it is expected that gamers would receive a Spider-Man outfit, new cosmetics, and a limited-time game mode. Additionally, due to the crossover between the battle royale game and Marvel's superhero flick, there may be some extra awards.

Battlegrounds Mobile India's most recent TV show/game relationship was with League of Legends or Arcane. Update 1.7 included the crossover. The Mirror World mode was added to the Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok maps as part of the update. Players may access the Mirror World mode via the Wind Wall portal on the ground, where they could play as one of four League of Legends and Arcane characters: Caitlyn, Jayce, Jinx, or Vi.

As part of the Battlegrounds Mobile India and League of Legends crossover, players earned some unique goodies. In addition, Krafton established a collaboration with Liverpool Football Club. Players were allowed to take part in the You'll Never Walk Alone event, which included a Liverpool FC-branded parachute, rucksack, and shirt.

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