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Payload 2.0 mode has been added to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Last month's October update included the much-anticipated feature, which looks to be a slightly updated version of the original Payload 2.0 mode accessible on PUBG Mobile. To make the gameplay more intriguing for gamers, armored cars and aircraft are outfitted with 'Super Weapons' in Payload 2.0. It also includes a radar, a bomb suit, and a control terminal for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In addition to Payload 2.0, BGMI has included a new Virus Infection mode in which you must battle zombies.

In an Instagram post, game producer Krafton revealed the release of the anticipated Payload 2.0 mode on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The new mode, which was announced last month, has a unique revival mechanism that allows you to bring back any of your dead teammates. Payload 2.0 mode, according to the publisher, offers a "more intense and exhilarating survival struggle" experience.

You'll also obtain armored vehicles once you join Payload 2.0 mode, which will let you fight your opponents more effectively. The mode may be found on the EvoGround tab.

Aside from Payload 2.0, BGMI now features a new game mode called Virus Infection, which has three separate rounds. In each of these rounds, people and zombies are pitted against one another.

Virus Infection mode, as the name implies, has zombies attacking people in the game in order to infect them, with humans having to survive undead zombies in order to win the war. Zombies may also use boosters or infect people to advance to level three and become the game's 'Zombie King.' Humans, on the other hand, become 'Heroes' if just three of them are still living.

Metro Royale: Reunion, Vikendi, Runic Power, and Survive Till Dawn were all given out to users during the previous three weeks as part of BGMI's October update (version 1.6.5). Diwali in-game activities were also added to the game to commemorate the ongoing festive season with Indian mobile players.

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