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Krafton has permanently banned cheaters' accounts from its popular battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India in order to reduce unfair behaviour. Krafton just launched the Device Ban mechanism in an anti-cheat warning posted on Instagram. According to the notification, if BGMI's security logic detects the usage of unauthorised apps, the device used to play the game will be permanently barred from the game.

Until recently, Krafton's security logic has been flagging and banning accounts that had been reported by other players for abusing the game's resources. As a result, even after being banned, hackers might use the same device to generate a new gaming ID. A hacker would not be able to generate several IDs on the same device once the new device-banning mechanism is in place. If a device is found to be employing unfair hacks in the game, it will be permanently banned from BGMI.

In the last month, Krafton has banned nearly 3 lakh BGMI accounts.

Krafton has been updating the database of banned accounts on a regular basis. Krafton said on BGMI's official website on January 3, 2022 that 71,116 accounts have been permanently banned from the game from December 27, 2021 to January 2, 2022. In addition, Krafton has published a Google Doc file with the names of accounts that were banned throughout the period. BGMI also banned 58,611 accounts between December 20 and December 26, and approximately 99,000 accounts between December 13 and December 19. In the previous month, Krafton has banned over 3,70,000 accounts from BGMI due to BGMI hacking.

Krafton has published the latest BGMI 1.8 update for all players. On the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the BGMI Christmas update is now available. Players will be able to enjoy the Holiday Season with in-game activities and incentives with the upcoming update. Krafton has included a new mode called React Survival to the BGMI release 1.8. Other new products include mythics with a Winter theme, outfit sets, and more.

Squid Game, a popular Netflix series, inspired the new React Survival mode. Players in BGMI will wear blue tracksuits with numbers and compete against each other in a response game inspired by the Red Light-Green Light game from the series, as seen in one of the most popular episodes of Squid Game. A player must cross the finish line without being detected in order to win against other players. By building rooms, players will be able to play privately with their buddies.

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