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Players of PUBG: New State are set for a treat in the new year. Krafton has revealed that it is working on a new map that will be released in 2022. The map's photos are accessible, and they depict a hilly landscape with contemporary structures and domes, but the map's name will have to wait. Players will also receive a surprise present from the South Korean publisher, which will be available right away.

"We've been hard producing a lot of new stuff," Krafton added, "which we aim to push out in 2022." "The first set of big upgrades will be delivered in the first two months of 2022, with the details to be announced at a later date — so stay tuned!"

Although no particular date has been set, Krafton is aiming for a mid-2022 release. The new map, which has yet to be named, will be playable alongside Troi and Erangel, which are already available to gamers. The indicated vehicles, such as the Electron, will be supported by this map. And, of course, there are the drones, which are possibly the most exciting aspect of the battle royale. This could be available on the new map as well. While the information are scant at the moment, you can get a sneak peek at this map.

Although the new map is still a long way off, Krafton offers some quick rewards for PUBG: New State. You may obtain 6 Chicken Medals and 3 Royal Chest Tickets in the game by using the promo code 'HAPPYNEWSTATE.' From January 1 through January 10, these presents will be available.

PUBG: New State's debut was hampered by difficulties, according to Krafton. If you don't recall, PUBG: New State's release was delayed owing to technical difficulties. The delayed rollout was then plagued by a slew of issues that affected both Android and iOS users. "Despite a difficult start, we've been working hard to enhance the Battlegrounds of 2051, and we're grateful that you've been there with us every step of the way," Krafton added.

"We will meet and surpass your expectations both on and off the Battlegrounds," said the company behind PUBG: New State and Battlegrounds Mobile India. "We also want to make sure that we give the greatest service and gameplay experience to all of our worldwide Survivors, regardless of location or device," it said. We will aggressively pursue open and honest contact with all of our Survivors, as well as listen to the community, in order to jointly construct stronger Battlegrounds."

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