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Prime Gaming page leaks new VALORANT agent

In an article posted on the VALORANT Prime Gaming loot page, Valorant players had their first look at the upcoming agent, which likely wasn't supposed to be revealed until now.

Whenever a VALORANT agent becomes available, it always shakes up the meta of the game, bringing fresh life to it. Usually the agent has been teasing players for months before it becomes official, with Easter eggs and other cryptic hints left to decipher.

According to a recent blog post, the next agent will be Filipino and will likely have an electricity-based kit. The post also showed some of the agent's footwear with a lightning streak on the bottom.These updates gave fans a look at what's coming, but a new image has given complete insight into the next agent.

In-game items such as sprays and buddy guns are available on the Prime Gaming VALORANT page. Despite this, the page briefly displayed an image of an agent we've never seen, which could indicate the 2022 agent. Taking a picture shows a character carrying a Frenzy running past other agents, appearing to suggest a speed-based ability. There is no information about the character's name or class, but this may hint at an additional duelist joining the game.

Amazon leaked the new agent unintentionally, but Riot Games has not announced the new agent. VALORANT fans can, however, get a glimpse of the next agent in 2022 with the final day of 2021.

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