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PUBG: New State February Update to Bring Graphics Improvement in Troi Map; v0.9.23 Changes Detailed

According to the battle royale game's development team, the Troi Map in PUBG: New State will feature graphical enhancements in the February update. The game also received the 0.9.23 update, which marked the start of Season 1 of the game. The update adds a new game mode titled BR: Extreme, as well as the P90 SMG with 5.7mm ammo, gun customization possibilities, and weapon balance changes. Meanwhile, Krafton has stated that it is working to resolve the matchmaking issue that certain gamers are experiencing. The PUBG: New State developers stated in a tweet that they are "working on design of Troi [map]" to "avoid eye fatigue and make it easier to detect foes from a distance." The graphic upgrade will be incorporated in the February update, according to the company. The team, on the other hand, did not reveal any specifics regarding the areas in which they are working on graphic enhancements.

Furthermore, the PUBG: New State update 0.9.23 has begun rolling out to players, marking the start of Season 1 of the Battle Pass for the battle royale mode. Players can "win great free gifts" in the game's ongoing events, according to the description. The update adds a new game mode called BR: Extreme, in which only 64 players compete in a match with a P1911 handgun, smoke grenades, 300 Drone Credits, and fully loaded speed meter. Each battle will last twenty minutes and the participants will be constrained to a shorter distance on the Troi map.

Apart from that, Krafton improved PUBG: New State by adding new weaponry, weapon customization, and other features. The P90 SMG with 5.7mm ammunition, that will also be available in the game's Drone Store, new silencers or flash hiders for DP-28 rifle, and a lighter stock for the M762 assault weapon are among the new weapons. The update also improves the player's actions and animations, such as Parkour Roll and Quick Dash moves.

The latest PUBG: New State action came from a blog article by Krafton, who stated that the developer is focusing on matching issues that certain players are experiencing.

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