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Here's a critical update for PUBG: New State gamers. The game has recently returned from maintenance, however there is an issue. PUBG: New State used its official Twitter account to let everyone know that the repair operation was completed. "Hello there, Survivors! The Nov. 29 maintenance is now complete. I appreciate your patience!, "It sent out a tweet. The battlegrounds have reopened following the completion of the repair. According to the information supplied, the modifications in this PUBG: New State patch are aimed at fixing problems, improving the anti-cheat system, and making other enhancements.

However, some players are reporting difficulties with strange character animations and controls after the PUBG: New State update was introduced. "We're aware that some Survivors are having problems with strange character running animations and controls since the Nov. 29 update. We're trying to fix the problem and apologise for any trouble this has caused. This notification will be updated with any new information about this issue "In a press statement, the business stated.

If a player has any further problems, the corporation says she or he can contact them through Customer Support and mention the device details (device name, CPU, RAM, OS version). Gamers may also help speed up the inquiry by providing a video of the issue or methods to duplicate it if feasible. Meanwhile, here are the specifics of the upgrade that occurred:


  • Added a function where players that are using unauthorized 3rd party programs and get kicked from a match as a result will now be marked as such in the kill feed.

  • Enhanced the restrictions, suspensions, and bans being levied on unauthorized 3rd party program usage.

Improvements to the Controls Systems

  • Fixed numerous issues related to the gyroscope and controls.

Changes and Improvements to Gyroscope

  • Fixed the issue where the horizontal and vertical sensitivities of the gyroscope did not match.

  • Added inverted controls for gyroscope.

Fixes for Bugs Involving Controls

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes only the joystick controls would work when using control scheme options #1 and #2.

  • Fixed an issue where the joystick on the left side of the screen would sometimes not work when using control scheme option #1.

  • Fixed an issue where an additional touch control could be inputted while using the Free Perspective button in control scheme option #1.

  • Fixed an issue where the Auto-Run field would appear very small.

Fixes for Bugs Involving Squad Kills

  • Changed the system so that Survivors will not take damage when they are hit by a vehicle being driven by a squadmate.

Changes and Improvements to Sound Systems

  • Fixed an issue where the sounds of footsteps were not consistent in certain situations.

QoL Improvements

  • Added a full-sprint character motion for smoother movement and to improve overall character motion.

  • Improved the animation transition from rolling into running to be smoother.

  • Reduced the time it takes to sprint when starting from the prone position so that Survivors can enter the sprint animation faster than before.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where characters would bounce back to their original positions when walking or running on stairs or the edge of buildings.

  • Fixed an issue where scope sights would intermittently be displayed abnormally.

  • Fixed an issue where a grey ball would sometimes appear in the lobby.

  • [iOS] Fixed an issue where the graphical quality of the game would look very low when accessing the game via deep links.

  • Fixed an issue where colliding with a building while parachuting would inflict an abnormally high amount of damage.

  • Fixed the issue where you would not be able to enter matchmaking or delegate roles within the party when a party leader minimized the game to use another app and then re-opened the game.

  • Fixed an issue where coordinate markers would sometimes malfunction when using Drone Store and Radio Messages.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue that occurred where the boost button would not respond or the car would move slowly while driving.

  • Fixed an issue where the Costume Preset Settings UI would still be visible even after entering a match.

  • Fixed an issue where the status icons of squadmates would sometimes not be marked in-game.

  • Fixed an issue where some buttons would be displayed abnormally when setting the controls layout.

  • Fixed an issue where the sounds could sometimes not be heard after falling from a high place.

  • Fixed an issue where increasing or decreasing the size of the Map using the scrolling function would cause the map to behave erratically.

  • Fixed an issue in Team Deathmatch where the icons identifying teammates would not appear after entering a match.

  • Fixed an issue with the Red Flare Gun where the special supply drop would sometimes not be processed even after firing the gun.

  • Fixed an intermittent issue with the Tier Promotion screen where you could not go to the next screen even after touching the screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the Match Results screen would appear dark and be unresponsive to any inputs.

  • Fixed an issue where the Match Results screen would not appear even after the last member of your squad was killed.

  • Fixed a UI issue where obtained and calculated scores would display differently after a match ends.

  • Fixed an issue with the Friends List where friends would be ordered in an unintended fashion.]

  • Fixed an issue where the names of UAZ (Open) and UAZ (Cover) would appear incorrectly in the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue with voice chat where the voice chats of other teams could be heard when talking.

  • Fixed an issue where using the "Push to Talk" function would change the channel type of your voice chat.


  • The rating of PUBG: NEW STATE has been changed on the App Store (iOS) to 12 and up.

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