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PUBG: New State will be launched in India on November 11. Other than India, the battle royale game will be launching in 199 other countries including the US. At launch, PUBG: New State will have four maps. These are the two battle royale maps, Troi and Erangel, along with a training ground, and a team deathmatch map called Station. The battle royale mode can be played in FPP or TPP with a squad or solo. in the battle royal maps we can see similar structures or architectures to PUBG or BGMI but with a fresh and clean look, such as the new modern sniper tower.

In this article we will go through how to take advantage from Sniper Towers in PUBG: NEW STATE.

In PUBG NEW STATE there are a number of sniper towers placed in strategic positions.

Ii is beneficial for a squad to get hold of a tower like this because of the height advantage and 360 degree view. that will help securing position and in turn increase survivability . You can even play aggressively with ARs and Snipers from this tower and maintain a large dominant radius

There is even crates from which you can get guns in case you are low on loot. This will greatly boost survivability.

This is how you can take advantages of the sniper towers in PUBG: NEW STATE.

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