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Krafton has unveiled a new initiative aimed at assisting video producers while also enhancing the streaming of PUBG: Latest State, the company's new mobile battle royale game. The A-Squad Partners Program is what it's called. Creators will get a slew of special bonuses and privileges as part of the programme, which will also improve the quality of PUBG: New State broadcasts.

PUBG: New State A-Squad Partners Program Eligibility

Content makers must be 10 years old or older to participate in the programme. They should also have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers or followers on the social media site where they are active. It should be noted, however, that more than 20% of all PUBG: New State-related material made in the previous month must be published to the creator's preferred social media channel.

It goes without saying that authors must adhere to their Terms of Service and Intellectual Property Policy. However, producers should be aware that the material developed by A-Squad partners is deemed 'Secondary Work' that is created utilising Krafton's IP, and that collecting cash from such work is only feasible with Krafton's prior agreement. Furthermore, except for the platforms allowed by Krafton, making money through licencing to platforms is banned.

Finally, every material generated should be unique to the creator, with no redistribution of third-party content or re-uploading of previously created content permitted.

PUBG: New State A-Squad Partners Program Perks

Members of the A-Squad Partners Program will receive a number of special perks, including direct assistance, customised event invites, and more. They'd also get access to in-game stuff that was only available to them. You can see a list of all the advantages here.

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