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PUBG: New State was supposed to get a major update on December 9, but it was postponed. The update had to be placed on hold owing to difficulties with the app review, according to the game's creator, Krafton. PUBG: New State users will receive Chicken Medals as compensation if the update is not delivered by December 14, according to Krafton's official blog. It states that they have yet to get confirmations of the store app evaluations, implying that the upgrade would be delayed indefinitely.

According to the release, until the maintenance for the next upgrade is completed, Krafton will send out an increasing quantity of Chicken Medals each day. On December 14, players will win two Chicken Medals, three on December 15, four on December 16, and so on. In PUBG: New State, Chicken Medals are a type of in-game money that can be used to unlock special crates (review). Every day at 9 a.m. UTC, Krafton will send out the prizes (2:30pm IST).

PUBG players are anticipating the new update because it will add more customisation options for existing weapons. The L85A3 assault weapon will also be included in the update. 5.56mm bullets are used in this Bullpup-style assault weapon. It's expected to do the most damage of any 5.56mm ammunition weapon in the game thus far.

With this next update, PUBG: New State users will be able to purchase Volume 2 of the Survivor Pass. Bella from the Dream Runners Faction will be the main character in this season pass. To obtain all of Bella's outfits, players must complete the storey quests. According to Krafton, this season's season pass will have more character outfits than the previous one.

Electron and Mesta, two new vehicles, will also be added to the game. Electron, an electric-powered minibus, may be found on the Troi map or at the Training Ground. Mesta is a two-seater gasoline-powered sports automobile that has been added to Erangel, Troi, and the Training Ground.

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