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The popularity of PUBG: Unprecedented State has reached new heights, with the game surpassing 45 million downloads globally. Now, things are about to become much better for players, as PUBG developer Krafton has released the first significant update for both Android and iOS users. The current game update includes a new weapon, weapon customization options, vehicles, Survivor Pass Vol. 2 and a new theme, all of which will help gamers enjoy the upcoming winter holiday season even more. PUBG has also provided a promo code that can be redeemed for a new 'Winter Carnival' crate as a thank you for their support.

WINTERCARNIVAL15 is the promo code. Players should be aware that the code will expire at 00:59 on January 6, 2022. (UTC). You may redeem the code by going to The information came from PUBG New State's official twitter account, which stated, "We've prepared a coupon code that you may redeem for a new "Winter Carnival" crate as a mark of our appreciation for your continued support! - WINTERCARNIVAL15 Coupon Code - * This promo code will expire at 00:59 UTC on January 6th."

Now, on to the update: Here's a rundown of what's new in the game:

What's new in the newest PUBG: New State update?

New weapon : L85A3.

Players will now have access to the new weapon L85A3, which is an assault rifle with minimal recoil, as part of the update. The L85A3 has the highest damage output of all the 5.56mm assault rifles, while having a slower fire rate than other assault weapons in the game.

Customization of weapons:

New customization choices are available for the M416, SLR, and L85A3 weaponry. A Long Barrel may now be added to the M416 to increase damage at the cost of increased vertical recoil. A 5.56mm barrel will be available for the SLR, which will enhance firing accuracy at the expense of damage. It does, however, slow down ADS marginally.

New vehicles: Electron and Mesta.

PUBG Two new vehicles have been added to the New State game. The first is Electron, an electric six-seater minibus that is more durable than other vehicles in the game and allows you to exchange seats when travelling with a full squad. The second choice is the Mesta, a two-seater classic sports car with quick acceleration and peak speeds. The Electron is available from Troi and Training Ground, while the Mesta is available from Troi, Erangel, and Training Ground.

Survivor Pass Vol. 2

Bella, a member of the Dream Runners Faction in the game, is the inspiration for the Survivor Pass. Players must finish the storey objectives in order to obtain all of Bella's outfits. Players may also buy a Premium Pass to gain access to more vehicle skins and character clothing, as well as receive 1,500 NC when they reach Level 48.

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