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Players have started diving in and downloading the APK and OBB files for PUBG: New State, the near future Battle Royale by Krafton, which is now in Closed Alpha. Let's take a look at the whole PUBG: New State map, which includes all identified sites for players to learn about.


Troi 2051 is a brand-new map created particularly for PUBG: New State, set three decades in the future. Developer Krafton created new rendering and lighting methods for the map.

The Mall was the other place. The Shopping Centre was a hive of activity that drew a large number of people.

However, it is bleak, comparable to the Exhibit Hall, and draws survivors with the grit to fight in intense combat. According to developers, the hall used to be the heart of attraction for the citizens of Troi. However, it now serves as a spot for warfare and close combat.

Troi 2051 is an 8x8 map, meaning it's vast. The Mall, Laboratory, and Exhibition Hall have previously been viewed. Now you need to figure out where these major points of interest (POI) are on the Troi 2051 map. The whole map, as well as all identified sites, may be found below.

With this map, you should be able to get an advantage over others who are just running about like headless chickens and turn them into a meal in the shape of your first "Chicken Dinner" in PUBG: New State.

Keep in mind that because PUBG: New State is currently in Closed Alpha, places names may change.

Check out the demo video below, where the developer aims to take players on a tour across three areas on the PUBG: New State map, Troi 2051, if you haven't already.

So there you have it, the complete PUBG: New State map, complete with all of the game's locales. If you want to have an advantage when the game comes out, memories this map.

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