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Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile: How to Play

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Rhapsody is present in Apex Legends Mobile, and she brings with her a fascinating skill that hasn't been seen in the game's console or PC versions: a direct counter to scan characters.

However, Rhapsody is more than simply her pinnacle. She carries with her a diverse set of sound and music-based powers that make her a very adaptable character, suitable for both lone gamers trying to navigate lobbies and those who want to play more cooperatively.

Get ready to start the biggest party the Apex Games have ever seen with these tips and tricks for playing Rhapsody.

Passive ability – Gifted Ear

The passive feature of Rhapsody is quite helpful. She has a wider range of hearing noises than any other legend in the game thanks to Gifted Ear, such enemy footsteps. In addition to having a wider hearing range, she also has visual indications on her HUD that change from purple to white to truly show you when opponents are approaching.

No other legend in Apex Mobile can gather information about surrounding adversaries as quickly as Rhapsody can, and she doesn't even need to utilise a cooldown ability to do it. Simply watch your screen and keep an eye out for the Gifted Ear indicators that will appear around your reticle. With the passive, you may quickly track down opposing teams or, if you're attempting to elude detection, find out where they are. But watch out for individuals who approach you quietly. While strolling or crouch-walking adversaries won't be picked up at all by Gifted Ear, they may be heard well while they are sprinting.

Tactical ability – Hype Anthem

When your squad needs a lift or when you're all alone, Hype Anthem is an excellent ability. Rhapsody and the teammates around her will receive a 15% movement speed increase when using Hype Anthem. Additionally, it will restore shields for her and any nearby teammates. Hype Anthem can restore 50 shields if given the full 10 seconds it needs to function.

Hype Anthem isn't a particularly subtle ability, like a lot of Rhapsody's kit, sending you and your squad rushing around the battlefield as a dance tune plays. However, it's fantastic for coming across a third-party chance, especially if your squad includes a character like Octane. Octane will move even more quickly thanks to the combination of his stim and Hype Anthem's speed increase.

Hype Anthem is also helpful if you need to leave for an engagement. Simply crank up the Hype Anthem and move to a better position if you or your team see that another team is closing in and don't have time to recover. There is no need to slow down when moving so that shield cells may repair. Just keep in mind that Hype Anthem's speed boost and shield healing powers will cease if you take damage, so utilise cover effectively or make sure no other teams are too aware of your presence when using it.

Ultimate ability – Rowdy’s Rave

Let's start the celebration off well, shall we? Rowdy, your favourite DJ, will create a powerful sound wall for 20 seconds. This is not a shield and can be closed or ran through on any side, but it does block vision on one side while allowing clear see on the other. Similar to Bloodhound's scan, enemies on the wrong side of the wall will be highlighted in red. Finally, the Rave wall will prevent any incoming scans.

You don't want to throw up on the wall since it's huge, flashing, and bright pink, which makes it quite obvious and will make you stand out from the crowd. However, Rowdy's Rave is quite helpful if an opponent squad has already seen you. It stops hostile Bloodhounds from simply scanning you and your teammates and provides you a sizable edge while looking for foes through the wall. It also blocks enemy teams' view.

You might believe that the wall is impenetrable to incoming shots because it seems substantial and attackers can't see through it, however regardless of which side of the wall you are on, it can be shot through. Grenades and other legendary ordinances operate similarly. If you have some freedom to manoeuvre and are facing an opposing squad, the Rave is fantastic. However, it's rather simple to kill you with a few grenades or a Caustic ultimate if you're confined and attempt to use it to block visibility.

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