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The definitive VALORANT weapon tier list

There is a twist to VALORANT, a tactical shooter. One of the most strategic and complex online games, it carefully combines weapons and abilities.

In VALORANT, abilities such as stuns, flashes, and smoke—as well as a bit of extra firepower—are important, but weapons are the most prominent element. The economy is determined by them, helping you decide whether to full-buy, force-buy, or buy environmentally. But they are also the ones who cause most of the damage.

You should be able to get to know all 17 weapons in VALORANT with the help of this tier list.

S tier (The top dogs)

Vandal (2,900 Creds)

Phantom (2,900 Creds)

Operator (4,700 Creds)

The strongest weapons in the game are in this tier.

VALORANT depends on the Vandal and Phantom to survive. Their consistent damage, long range, and high fire rate make them the best assault rifles in the game. These should be the top guns in your arsenal almost always.

You can also pick up an Operator if you enjoy inflicting ridiculous amounts of damage. These weapons have a tremendous amount of damage. It is an expensive and potentially risky investment, but if it is handled correctly, it is well worth it. Jett and Raze are excellent partners.

A tier (Consistently strong)

Guardian (2,250 Creds)

Sheriff (800 Creds)

Spectre (1,600 Creds)

Sometimes you'll get a Vandal or Phantom in the initial pistol round, but are short a few Creds. The Guardian is a great option if you don't want to use submachine guns but want heavy armor and utility. A lot of damage can be dealt with it, especially when you hit heads with it.

There's a good reason why the Sheriff is the most expensive pistol in the game. The head takes 159 damage, while the body takes 55 (without armor). When it comes to eco rounds, buy a Sheriff if you are a keen marksman.

There is no better SMG in VALORANT than the Spectre. This weapon is one of the best value for money weapons available because of its low price, moderate range, and surprisingly high damage. Despite its short-range disadvantage, it excels at close quarters battles.

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