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Valorant players around the world have been anticipating an agent codenamed 'Sprinter' for some time, and Riot Games has finally revealed some details about the new agent.

According to what we know so far, the Valorant agent will be:

Valorant Agent 19: ‘Sprinter’ In early 2022, Valorant will introduce its 19th agent, codenamed 'Sprinter'. Jett, the fast Duelist from South Korea, will face off against her as a fast-paced agent. Sprinter, meanwhile, is confirmed to be from the Philippines.

‘Sprinter’ Release Date There is no exact release date for 'Sprinter' yet. The new Agent will eventually hit the live servers on January 12, 2022, along with Episode 4 Act 1.

‘Sprinter’ Abilities Valorant's devs have outlined her potential abilities in their blog post 'State of the Agents'. While the detailed description of her abilities has yet to be released, we know she is capable of sprinting and sliding between combat positions. Additionally, she has been revealed to have a power involving electricity in her reveal trailer.

In the trailer, she also appears to be the voice of the Agent in the upcoming film. While she is teased as having electricity-based skills in this teaser, she says, "hope they enjoy getting hit by lightning." She also tells her enemies to "get ready" for her speed, which gives us another indication of her skill set, perhaps her ultimate.

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