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VALORANT Ascent map guide

Did you know that pure aim and ability in VALORANT can only take you so far? Having the ability to actually communicate in-game could be the key to reaching your potential if you are realistic about grinding your way up to Radiant.

In spite of this, the in-game map and VALORANT's ping system don't always suffice. In order to make the most of VALORANT, we're creating callout guides for each map, starting with Ascent.

The following is a complete guide to the layout of Ascent, the specific callout locations, and some basic tips and strategies for attacking and defending each site.

Ascent layout and callouts

On the map above you can find the basic callouts for Ascent. You should be aware, though, that some site-specific callouts aren't included on the overlay.

Ascent A site callouts, strats, and tips

Following are the basic callout locations you need to know for Ascent's A site. It's important to remember that most of these surfaces, including the divider between Heaven and Hell, can be spammed, except for Generator and the bricks next to Green Box. However, there are other A-related callouts that you should be aware of.

i)Bricks: You'll find them on your right after entering the site through the A main entrance.

ii)Upon entering the site through the main entrance, you will find the door and panel on your left.

During a site take, you should prevent defenders from peeking around corners in Heaven, Hell, and from behind the Door. The best way to get from A main to the site is with smokes, a Viper wall, or flashes. The door must be closed as soon as you have gained site control since it cuts off the defenders' retake angle, causing them to break the door and surrender.

There is no need to worry about defense since crossfire placements are easy to set up. The best way to ensure trades is to post players behind a Door, behind a Pillar, behind a Generator, in Hell, or by Bricks, and timing your peeks when attackers enter the site should ensure trades. If you have to retake, you should come through Heaven, cut off the A main entrance with smoke if you can, then clear out Hell.

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