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Patch 3.12 includes several useful changes, including personalized keybinds, friendly fire punishment, and more.

The implementation of agent-specific keybinds is part of patch 3.12, which will allow players to customize their keybinds for each agent. Under Actions, you'll find the new controls.Keybind profiles can be created, deleted, and searched by players. The only disadvantage is that the agent can only have one profile. Still, this is quite a useful feature.

Additionally, you have the option of copying one or all of your default key bindings to one or more profiles.Furthermore, when there are conflicts with binds, you can see what other items are assigned to the binding. Similarly, keybind profiles can be reverted individually by players.Choosing to revert the binds will restore them to their original state.

Players can now report other players in the agent select menu after patch 3.12.The new option allows you to report players sooner if they clearly indicate they are toxic in the pre-game menu. The agent selection screen also lets you add players to your friends list if you're enjoying the game.

The development of friendly fire detection is one of the most noteworthy changes in Patch 3.12. Anyone who intentionally causes excessive damage to teammates will be punished. Although the punishments weren't specified, they'll likely result in both matchmaking cooldowns and possible bans.

After listening to the community, Riot Games has decided to once again include wide player cards in loading screens and kill banners. A small patch also resolved a bug causing actions featuring a held object to display incorrectly in third person due to a change in Unreal Engine 4.26 and 4.27. Slate/UI related changes and fixes are also included in the patch. They will notice that Skye, Sage, Jett, Yoru, and Reyna have changed. Additionally, they have fixed a bug which allowed players to mass invite themselves to parties.

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