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In preparation for VCT Champions, the teams earned more than $7.5 million in skin bundles.

It was announced via the VALORANT Champions Tour Twitter account that the Champions skins bundle released alongside the Champions tournament raised more than $7.5 million. It is estimated that the top ten teams will receive the vast majority of the prize money, which is distributed among the skins and bundles.

The fundraiser has already reached this incredible level of fundraising, but players should still purchase skins to contribute to the prize pool. From December 13th through December 18th, the Champions skin bundle will be on sale at VALORANT.

We have had a discussion about how prize money is distributed among teams and players since this fundraising update was released. This prize money is divided equally between the teams, so each would receive approximately $450,000. In most contracts, the organisations that represent players take a portion of the prize earnings to pay their salaries, which does not necessarily mean that players will receive this money directly.

Others disagree with the criticism and want to see how much money the skin line makes. Popular content creator for VALORANT and Overwatch, SideShow, explained that this should be viewed as a 'investment' into the scene, one that showcases VALORANT's highly dedicated community. It may also spark the development of players and teams if this money is invested in organisations instead of players.

Esports raised an impressive amount for their first world championship with the Champions skin line, while the disbursement of these funds will vary from team to team.

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